Doreen Erhardt

Doreen Erhardt

Doreen sold her artwork through galleries and art shows for ten years, owning her own gallery and hosting art events for six of those years.   In 2006, the artist took a hiatus from the hustle of gallery showings and simply enjoyed the creative mediums she works in, further building her portfolio and as she loves to do, experimenting in new ways to be creative.

In 2010 it was time for a new adventure.  After attending an Art Licensing Course, she began actively pursuing licensing for her work in a large variety of product markets and this focus continues today.  Doreen has a background in Project Management (in her previous Aerospace life) so she is well aware of the importance of meeting commitments, being flexible, and networking.  She enjoys working with licensing companies and manufactures to develop new products.

The artist has received over fifty awards for her art and photography, including being the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Art and Science of Photography. The artist has collectors in all 50 states in the U.S. and Worldwide.  She currently lives in the Sierra Foothills of California with her husband and adopted family of furry ‘kids’.

“I call myself a Photographic Artist because at the heart of every piece is photography. I am trained in the photographic field and classified as a Master Photographer, who has worked freelance for more than 30-years. My mind and heart however, love to experiment with new mediums, styles and methods which often take me to places that are no longer linked to photography, such as my series; The World According to Ossa. My love of color and light is quite visible in all of my work. I tend to be drawn to the dramatic, though my subjects are most often rendered in realism.”

The artist left the hustle of gallery showings and ownership in 2006 to focus on her creative mediums and pursue art licensing.  In 2009, she pushed the Salon of Art in the direction of a full-time successful web-based business.

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