3 Common Dangers in a Warehouse

3 Common Dangers in a Warehouse

There are plenty of professions that have a lot of hazards to watch out for. One of the most dangerous jobs to hold is inside a warehouse. Warehouses work with all kinds of dangerous machinery and hazards are lurking everywhere. It’s the employer’s responsibility to keep their workers safe, but workers should be aware of dangers as well. Check out this guide to the most common dangers in a warehouse.

Bodily strain

One of the most common dangers in a warehouse environment is bodily strain. Even with all the heavy machinery that runs on a daily basis in a warehouse setting, the workers still have to use their own strength to lift and move heavy objects. This can cause serious damage to their bodies over time. Bodily strain can cause immediate injury, typically to the back, legs, and arms. It can also create chronic pain over time that worsens the longer the worker remains in their position.

Electrical fires

There are electrical parts moving constantly in a warehouse. This can lead to fires that happen seemingly out of nowhere. Electrical fires can be caused by an array of issues, such as too many dust particles in the air, dirty equipment, too high of electrical loads for certain circuits, faulty wiring, and more. Safety supervisors and workers alike should study ways to prevent electrical fires on the job site to avoid a catastrophe at their place of work. Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of injury and death on job sites.

Slips, trips, falls, and more

Slipping, tripping, falling, and other accidents are common dangers in a warehouse. There are multiple ways a worker could potentially be exposed to the danger of a slip, trip, or fall hazard. Stairs, ladders, and uneven ground that goes unlabeled can quickly turn into major dangers, ultimately leading to serious injuries. Workers should watch for these types of dangers in addition to spills or wet areas that could be slippery. Employers must accurately identify these dangers, label them clearly, and inform all employees of the dangerous areas to avoid.

Warehouse jobs can be safe jobs when safety managers, management, and workers all work together to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all involved.

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