Benefits of Buying Refurbished Lab Equipment

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Lab Equipment

Many lab techs are concerned with using refurbished equipment because they feel that it’s outdated or not as good as the new equipment. We’re here to shatter those myths by sharing the several benefits of buying refurbished lab equipment. These benefits range from financial to environmental and everything in between, so let’s get into it.

You’re Going to Save a Lot of Cash

It’s among the most obvious benefits of buying refurbished lab equipment, but it’s still one of the best. So many of us are guilty of the “more expensive is better” concept, when it’s not always true—and in this case, it’s not. Refurbished equipment is just as good as the new stuff; in fact, sometimes it’s even better than the new stuff because it’s had extensive research and improvements over the years. In addition, refurbished equipment gets updated parts, so although it’s used equipment, it’s received new parts, which makes it a lot like a new product.

It’s High-Quality Equipment That’s Recently Been Serviced

Lab equipment, regardless if it’s new, used, or refurbished, must be in great shape and work as it’s designed to. Refurbished equipment undergoes extensive examination to ensure it’s in working order. Expert servicers examine the equipment to identify anything that needs restoration to ensure the equipment is working to the best of its ability. So, to reiterate, the examination and updates done to the equipment make it arguably a better product than the newer one.

Better Customer Service Will Be Available

When you choose to purchase refurbished lab equipment, it’s important to go with a company that’s certified in refurbished lab equipment to ensure you’re getting the best quality. Certified companies not only offer great products, but they also offer the best customer service because they personally refurbished your equipment, which allows them to offer personalized customer service. In other words, they know your piece of equipment inside and out—literally. So, it allows them to address any concerns directly and explain their refurbishing process to bring the equipment back to life.

Purchasing Refurbished Equipment Is Much Easier on the Environment

There’s no room for waste when it comes to a laboratory, and that goes for the equipment as well. Many labs don’t think about what happens to their old equipment once they replace it, but if refurbishing companies don’t pick them up, they can have major effects on the environment. For example, if a refurbishing company doesn’t get a disposed chromatography machine, it’s often broken down for any parts that are valuable. Once it’s sorted through, the rest of the plastic, metal, and so on ends up in a landfill. Bet you didn’t know that refurbished products save the environment too!

The bottom line is there are several benefits to refurbished lab equipment. For example, there are tremendous financial benefits, while still getting high-quality products and saving the environment. In addition, certified companies can ensure the best product, due to their expertise. And if you choose a certified company, they can offer next-level customer service because their technicians worked on your piece of equipment.

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