Best Ways to Keep Your Car from Rusting

Best Ways to Keep Your Car from Rusting

Rust can be one of the worst kinds of cosmetic damage your car can experience, and it happens naturally over time due to humidity, salt, and other factors. What most people don’t realize is that it can easily be prevented. All you need to do is follow what we consider some of the best ways to keep your car from rusting.  

Get Frequent Car Washes 

The most obvious way to keep your car from obtaining rust is to keep it clean. It is recommended that you get a car wash at least once a month, but you should also throw in a car wax a few times a year. Getting regular car washes is by far the easiest way to keep rust at bay.  

Use Ceramic Coating 

There are also some things you can use on your car’s exterior that can help, such as ceramic coating. Not only will ceramic coating help your car look better, but it will also offer protection from the sun, which is a known cause of rust. Make this change if you haven’t already—that way, you can protect your car from both the sun’s rays and insidious rust.  

Protect Your Car Outside 

In addition to the sun, there are various other causes of rust that stem from the great outdoors. There are several ways you can avoid these damages. When you are in a big parking lot, be wary of where you leave your vehicle and how much space there is between your car and other cars. Leaving more room can reduce the risk of your vehicle being scratched. Also, try to keep your car in the shade to help block sunlight and bird droppings, which is another known cause of rust.

Spray WD-40 

Your car can rust virtually anywhere and in areas where we wouldn't think to look, like in the inside of our doors. One way to treat these areas is by spraying WD-40, which can be incredibly effective with small areas like nuts and bolts. This protection makes WD-40 one of the best ways to keep your car from rusting.  

If you utilize some of these methods to keep rust away from your vehicle, not only will it look appealing, but it won’t face deprecation as harshly, which means you can get a great resale value down the line.  

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