Common Applications of White Mineral Oils

Common Applications of White Mineral Oils

How would you feel if we told you that white mineral oil is a primary ingredient in products you use regularly? A petroleum-based product may sound concerning, but that’s not to say it’s dangerous. In fact, white mineral oil is among the purest oils because it’s highly refined and tasteless, odorless, and colorless as a result. If you’re interested in learning a few common applications of white mineral oils, check out our list of applications below.

Beauty and personal care products

Yes, you’re technically rubbing a petroleum byproduct into your skin, but you’re not harming yourself in any way. Government agencies such as the FDA hold companies that manufacture white mineral oils to high standards. Some common products that use white mineral oils include moisturizers, baby oil, petroleum jelly, and most other beauty products.

Consumable goods

Because white mineral oil is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, food manufacturing facilities regularly use it in their processes. The FDA approved Renoil white mineral oil for several applications, including food and animal feed that comes in direct contact with the oil. Additionally, white mineral oil meets kosher and pareve standards, which makes it a flexible ingredient for multiple food applications.

Plastic products

Companies that manufacture plastic products such as PVC and Plexiglass often use white mineral oil during the manufacturing process for everything from lubricant to plastic annealing. Additionally, because white mineral oil is colorless, it prevents plastic products from discoloring. Lastly, contractors use white mineral oil as a lubricant in countless scenarios; one common application is PVC lubricants.

Many applications of white mineral oils may appear surprising at first; after all, we’re talking about a petroleum-based product in everyday items. However, once you learn that white mineral oil is safe and highly regulated, it doesn’t seem as bad. In fact, without white mineral oils and its regulations, some familiar household products—such as Vaseline—might not exist.

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