How to Handle Unusual Driving Situations

How to Handle Unusual Driving Situations

Though we may feel like we hear it all the time, anything can happen when you’re behind the wheel. Whether it be an accident or something you never expected, knowing how to react is crucial to keeping yourself and other drivers safe. So, to ensure you’re as prepared as possible when you hit the road, read up on how to handle some unusual driving situations.

Unexpected Roundabouts

Though roundabouts are quickly becoming more common in several states, they have yet to become standard across the nation. Upon seeing one of these obstacles for the first time, certain drivers can become nervous and fail to use it properly. This is why it’s crucial that every driver understands how to use a roundabout, and the best ways to prevent an accident while driving through one.

Sudden Car Fires

Car fires might seem relatively uncommon, but they happen more often than the driving population wants to believe. These events can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as fuel leaks, engine overheating, short circuits, and sudden trauma to the front of the vehicle. Because there are many things that can contribute to a car fire, it’s best to take precautionary action by keeping up on car maintenance and driving defensively. However, should your car ignite without warning, pull over, get out immediately, and call the police for assistance.

Flash Flooding

While rare, flash flooding can create problems for unsuspecting commuters as well as homeowners. In fact, when the roads are flooded, it can be difficult for a driver to accurately judge depth, where they’re driving, and what might be around them. This confusion often results in vehicles becoming submerged in the rising waters and drivers being stranded. Though there’s no way to avoid this completely, make sure you know the procedure for getting out of the flooded car to help preserve your safety. This involves quickly rolling down your window, unlocking your door, or breaking the window out to escape.

Animals in the Road

It might seem like everyone has a story or two of hitting or almost hitting an animal that suddenly jumped into the road. However, drivers don’t typically expect it to happen to them. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared to swerve out of the way—especially if they’re driving on rural roads after dark. But rather than only reacting after the fact, you can also cut down on your chances of hitting an animal by reducing your speed and staying focused and vigilant.

Wrong-Way Drivers

Wrong-way drivers are one of the scariest things someone can experience on the road as they pose a serious threat to anyone driving nearby. If you ever notice that someone is driving the wrong direction, it’s recommended that you move over into the rightmost lane to stay out of their way and immediately call the police. If the other car is approaching too fast, however, and you don’t have time to change lanes, it’s important that you honk your horn and flash your lights to get their attention. This could cause them to maneuver out of the way to avoid colliding with you.

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