How to Market CBD Products Effectively

How to Market CBD Products Effectively

The CBD industry is booming right now. An industry on the rise, up until recently CBD products were illegal federally and at the state level, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The freshness and excitement surrounding the industry worked to create a surplus of supply. To make sure your CBD products are successful in a near-saturated market, you must market them correctly. There are still numerous restrictions on marketing, advertising, and any media surrounding the CBD industry. While it is federally legal, each state has custom laws. For example, some states only allow CBD product possession with a doctor’s prescription while others allow anybody to purchase and possess it. Check out this guide on how to market CBD products effectively.

Focus online

The online marketplace is growing every day. More people are choosing to purchase most of their items from online sellers. There are tons of sales platforms to choose from. You can also create your own website quite easily. Be sure when you do create your website, which is recommended to gain consumer trust online, to focus on search engine optimization. A website is no good if nobody can find it. SEO will help search engines see your website as an authority and can then recommend you to searchers by placing your site on the first page of results.

Be transparent

Transparency is key to gaining and keeping consumer trust. People will only purchase your product if they trust you and your product. Make sure you are forthcoming with any and all information about your product. One great way to do this is to make sure your CBD products are correctly labeled. Proper labeling gives consumers all the important information they need to know about your product so they can make an informed decision.

Create a community

Create as many social media pages as you can. Some social media sites ban CBD companies, while others allow them. Capitalize on the ones that welcome you into their space. Stay in touch with previous customers via email and social media platforms. Make sure they feel a part of your brand and included in your company’s activities. Creating a sense of belonging for customers with your brand is essential to developing deep connections and, ultimately, loyal customers. When people feel they belong somewhere, it makes them want to return and continue to feel part of the group. This will help them to become loyal customers and possibly even recommend your business and products to friends.

Incentivize reviews

There are still many limitations to marketing and advertising of CBD products. This means it’s even more difficult to make an impression on potential customers. A great way to combat this is by incentivizing your current customers to leave you online reviews. Try offering a discount for leaving a review, and be sure to encourage honesty. It will seem deceptive if you force customers to write glowing reviews in exchange for coupons and goods. Keep the transparency by letting your service and products speak for themselves and simply incentivizing people to write how they really feel.

Pro Tip: This also grants you the opportunity to interact with customers online and reply to their reviews, address their concerns, and simply thank them for taking the time to talk about your business and products.


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