How to Take Care of an Excavator

How to Take Care of an Excavator

Whether you own a construction company, work at one, or simply complete projects on your own, chances are you have or work closely with at least one excavator. Excavators are one of the most common pieces of heavy equipment and are found on just about every construction job site. Excavators require regular maintenance to function and last. Check out this guide on how to take care of an excavator.

Check your fluids regularly

An excavator requires multiple fluids to correctly function and stay healthy. Make sure you check the oil in your excavator often and refill it when it gets low. Oil changes should be pre-scheduled, so as not to miss or delay a needed one. Not changing the oil in your excavator can lead to damage in the engine and even engine failure. Other fluids to check are lubrications, fuel, and others. Fluids should be checked, refilled, and changed according to your specific machine’s manual to ensure it is functioning to the best of its ability.

Inspect your pump

When it comes to how to take care of an excavator, you’ve got to check your excavator’s pump to ensure it’s functioning properly. Pay special attention to any signs that your pump may be about to fail. If a pump fails, it can affect the entirety of your excavator’s hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is the heart of your machine and, without it, your machine cannot function. It’s essential to inspect your pump to ensure it’s working correctly. Take your machine in for regular maintenance upkeep and have a professional look at it and identify any looming issues.

Do regular track adjustments

Your track tension is extremely important when it comes to safety and the functionality of your excavator. Checking the track tension daily is important when it is heavily used. A too-tight track can create more wear than normal and even can lead to breakage. Adjusting your track before every use can extend the life of your machine and its track components.

Overall, taking care of your excavator will lead to more longevity of your machine and cut down on repair and replacement costs in the long term. Take careful care of your equipment and it will last and function as needed for a long time.

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