Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, car accidents happen far more often than we realize. There are many different reasons for car accidents, and injuries differ depending on the severity of the accident. In this article, you will find a lot of information regarding the most common types of car accident injuries and their specific causes.

Injury Locations and Effects

After a car accident, the most common injury locations are on the head, brain, neck, back, and various bones. Some injury causes include burns and torn muscles. Although some types of injuries are more fatal than others, they all make it difficult to move and perform everyday tasks. At the very least, they are painful and require rest and healing. At worst, they cause brain damage, paralysis, and even death.

How to Know if You Are Injured

At first, it can be difficult to know if you are injured. The shock after a car accident can leave some parts of your body numb for a while. However, if you get hurt in a sensitive area such as the spine, you will feel the pain right away. It will be nearly impossible to move. At that point, it will be clear that you have an injury.

The only true way to find out if you are injured and discover the injury’s extent is to have x-rays conducted. Sometimes an x-ray will come back with a sprain. Other times, it will come back with a fracture, dislocated joint, or a full break. If it is a sprain, you might just need to ice it and temporarily keep it in a cast. However, if it is a broken bone, you might need a cast, a splint, or crutches. Broken and fractured bones and tendons take longer to heal than simple sprains.

What to do After a Car Accident

Coping after suffering from a car accident can be challenging. Since you will not be able to do as much as you could before the accident, you might go through the stages of grief—shock, denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance. Here are some ways to cope after an accident.

  • Talk to your doctor about the next steps
  • Follow doctor’s orders
  • Confide in loved ones for help
  • Elevate injuries while resting
  • Update doctor about events you recall from accident

There are also many things your loved one can do to help you:

  • Assure the victim that he or she is loved.
  • Encourage the victim to get a lot of rest.
  • Schedule necessary doctor’s appointments.
  • Help out with necessary tasks around the house.
  • Find a lawyer to file an injury claim.

Why it Is Important to Seek a Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Shortly after the car accident, it is very important to hire a personal injury lawyer. This is because you never know how much damage you sustained by the accident. Depending on your injuries, you might qualify for a lot of compensation. If your lawyer determines that the car accident was not your loved one’s fault, he or she might win compensation from the driver who caused the accident. Hopefully, this article gives you a clear understanding of the most common car accident injuries and how to handle them.

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