The Best American Car Tuner Shops

The Best American Car Tuner Shops

While many people are content with driving vehicles just as they came off the lot, others aren’t. These individuals enjoy the customization and individuality that comes with car modifications. In fact, car tuning is the act of modifying a vehicle to improve its performance, speed, handling, acceleration, and drivetrain. Many cars are tuned, but most include muscle cars, sports cars, race cars, and pickup trucks. For anyone interested, this guide details some of the best American car tuner shops.

Hennessee Performance

Hennessee Performance is an American car tuner based in Sealy, Texas. Founded by John Hennessee, they specialize in sports cars, like Ferrari, Lexus, Lincoln, and others. They also tune full-size pickup trucks, like the Ford Raptor and Jeep Cherokee. In fact, they’re known for creating a luxury off-road SUV vehicle based on the Raptor called the VelociRaptor. The current second generation features a 6x6 drive train option with 30” frame and extra axle. They’re also known for the Venom 650R (based on the Dodge Viper), VenomGT (based on the Lotus Exige), and Venom F5 (a new concept car).

Shelby American

Shelby American (also known as Carroll Shelby International) is a reputable car tuning shop known for its Ford Mustang variants. Carroll Shelby founded Shelby American in 1962 to create high-performance parts. Since then, it’s been known for the signature Shelby GT350 and ShelbyGT500—both of which use a Ford Mustang platform. There is even a Shelby Museum in Las Vegas, NV, that shows some of Shelby’s originals as well as modern concepts. Today, Shelby American features an impressive lineup of trucks, Mustangs, Cobras, and Heritage Fords.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, based in Brighton, MI, is one of the best American car tuner shops. They specialize in engines and induction systems for high-performance vehicles. They’ve worked on Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes, Silverados, Denalis, Hummers, Sierras, and so on. The owner, Ken Lingenfelter, is an avid car collector and owns a collection of Corvettes, muscle cars, sports cars, race cars, and exotic cars.

Roush Performance

Just like American Shelby, Roush Performance started as an aftermarket shop for Ford vehicles. Named after its founder, Jack Roush, an automobile technician, the company specializes in Ford Mustangs, F-150s, and Raptors. It even has its own collection of unique vehicles, like the F-150 Nitemare, Jack Roush Edition Mustang, and Stage 2 and 3 Mustangs. Outside of vehicle modifications, Roush often sponsors and supplies custom-built engines for race cars. Roush Fenway Racing is the stock car organization that competes in the NASCAR Cup Series using exclusively Ford vehicles.

RTR Vehicles

Lastly, RTR vehicles is a car tuning company founded in 2009. The letters RTR stand for “ready to rock,” and the company only supplies performance packages for Ford vehicles. Their notable piece is the Ford Mustang RTR, which features American and European styling with three specification package options. They also sell the Ford F-150 RTR, which comes with LED lighting, an RTR upper grille, and fender flares, among other upgrades, to handle off-road and track performance. RTR Vehicles have even been featured on an episode of the show The Grand Tour, in which one of the cohosts drove the Spec 3 Mustang in the fastest racetrack time compared to the Dodge Challenger Demon.

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