The Main Benefits of Solid Skid Steer Tires

The Main Benefits of Solid Skid Steer Tires

Skid steers are a popular type of construction equipment used in various industries to dig and perform other essential applications. To ensure that these vital pieces of equipment can effectively maneuver a construction site and fulfill their crucial roles, durable tires are necessary. Among the many tire options for skid steers, solid cushion tires are among the best. To learn about the main benefits of solid skid steer tires, continue reading.

Solid cushion tires never get flat

Unlike tires filled with air, there is no risk of getting a flat when using solid cushion tires. When scrap metal or jagged terrain punctures solid cushion tires, which is common on construction sites, the tire remains usable. Rather than deflating and requiring repair or replacement, the solid cushion tire, which is composed of solid rubber, will remain relatively unaffected aside from a minor cosmetic scuff.

Solid cushion tires have a long lifespan

Another main benefit of solid skid steer tires is their long lifespan. When it comes to tires that will last the longest despite exposure to a harsh environment, solid cushion tires are ideal. In addition to being resistant to punctures, the tread of skid steer tires is highly durable.

Composed of high-quality rubber compounds, solid cushion skid steer tires last several times longer than traditional pneumatic tires. As such, while they may cost more upfront than other tire options, they will result in long-term savings by reducing the number of times your tires need replacing.

Solid cushion tires minimize downtime

Having to replace flat or run-down tires takes up precious time and can even halt activity completely on a construction site. Such downtime typically costs construction projects a considerable amount of money and significantly slows their processes.

Fortunately, solid cushion tires can minimize downtime. By never getting flat and lasting longer than traditional pneumatic tires, solid cushion tires need replacing far less frequently. As a result, workers can focus on completing their projects rather than spending their valuable time tending to skid steer tires.

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