Tips Every Crane Operator Must Know

Tips Every Crane Operator Must Know

There are many roles in construction that require precision, patience, and routine practice. This is especially true for crane operators. Once a crane operator becomes certified, they have proven they can operate these machines properly and efficiently to complete a task. Still, crane operators are human, and operating one of these machines can be scary. However, these tips every crane operator must know will help ensure safe and responsible crane use.

Be Aware of Your Environment

Naturally, the most important part of crane operation is safety. After all, you’re operating a machine that could weigh anywhere from ten tons up to hundreds of tons. That’s why you must be aware of your surrounding environments. Obviously, don’t go near electrical lines or nearby buildings within your operating zone. Regularly check the worksite conditions to ensure safe procedures too.

Plan Out the Operation

Once the job site looks good, be sure to review the load chart. This considers different factors for safe operation, such as angles and distances. Through a proper load chart, you have determined that the carrying capacity is okay to complete the job. Still, you should reevaluate the load chart whenever possible to ensure a safe work environment.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Likewise, constantly supervising your work environment will help you avoid common crane operating mistakes. Some of the biggest mistakes are working in poor weather and not inspecting your equipment before each use. While inclement weather will likely not call for work that day, even mildly bad weather can result in poor working conditions. Lightning is a huge threat, given that cranes are made of metal, but even muddy terrain can cause issues. Similarly, you should always inspect your crane before you use it. Different parts could damage and stall, wires can break, and hooks and latches can deform. All of this can happen without a moment’s notice, so it’s essential you conduct a proper inspection every time.

Check-in With Your Team

Even if it’s just to see how everything looks, be sure to check-in with your foreman and other members of the team to ensure everything is going well. Given that construction is a team effort, you must monitor their decisions similarly to how they will monitor yours. Each construction worker has a role to help complete the job at hand. However, as the crane operator, you have control over industrial equipment that can collapse, snap the load, or cause serious and fatal accidents if used improperly. Therefore, you should continually check-in with your team to ensure everyone’s safety.

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