Ways to Improve Building Safety

Ways to Improve Building Safety

Owning a commercial building is a large responsibility. You’re responsible for the workers inside your building, the customers or other civilians visiting it, and the equipment, products, and other items housed within it. Maintaining the integrity of your building should be your top priority. At a quick glance, most buildings seem quite safe—but you should always be on the lookout for hidden dangers. Check out these ways to improve building safety—they could save you time and money and help you and your building avoid potential disasters.

Prepare for and prevent fires

Many fires that break out in buildings are uncontrollable—but they’re also often preventable. Don’t put your building at risk. Be sure to prepare for the worst, and take the following steps to prepare for and prevent fires:

Put preventative measures in place

Most building owners worry about arson when they think about fires, but one of the leading causes of fires in commercial buildings is electrical issues. There are many common causes of electrical fires to look out for. To prevent these issues, get regular electrical inspections; investigate any electrical problems that may arise, such as excessive sparking and regular power outages; and regularly check and limit the amount of extension cord usage within your building. Extension cords aren’t permanent solutions, and they can greatly increase the risk of electrical fire.

Prepare for fires

A fire may never break out in your building, but you should always be prepared for one regardless. A good first step to preparing for a potential fire is installing and regularly testing smoke detectors and fire alarms. Make sure you have enough smoke detectors throughout the building, and ensure they’re all functional. Fire alarms and prominently labeled exits are also necessary parts of fire safety preparations. You should also consider creating a fire safety guide for building employees to familiarize themselves with so that they’ll be ready should a fire occur.

Use security measures to deter intruders

Intrusion is another issue that commercial buildings face. This could be for a variety of reasons, from attacks to theft. The best way to protect your building against these types of threats is to install security measures such as cameras; employing security guards; and keeping your building and the surrounding area well-lit at all times of the day. If potential intruders know they’re being surveyed, they’re less likely to attempt a break-in.

Keep up-to-date on inspections

Keeping up on regular building inspections is one of the best things you can do for your building. These can identify any lurking issues before they cause further damage. You should conduct electrical, plumbing, and regulatory inspections on a rolling basis. Checking the smoke detectors regularly and replacing the batteries as needed is one way to keep your building safe. You should also regularly test and replace carbon monoxide detectors. A good way to keep up on inspections is to keep a detailed log of every service your building undergoes and the date it was conducted. This way, you’ll have a record of the last time any services were performed so that you can better stay on top of scheduling follow-up services.

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