What Are the Basic Needs of RV Camping?

What Are the Basic Needs of RV Camping?

Social distancing has struck a lot of us with a strong sense of wanderlust, leading many people to plan their next great adventure for when they can travel again. If an outdoor vacation is what you’re after, you might consider taking your first-ever RV trip. Camping in an RV brings you all the wonder of the great outdoors while also providing some of your favorite home amenities. Just remember to pack the essentials and leave what you don’t need behind. What are the basic needs of RV camping? Find out—and make your future trip a success—with this guide.

Kitchen Appliances

Unless you want to live off chips and instant noodles, camping in an RV necessitates cooking. Make sure to obtain the essentials, including pots and pans with lids, spoons, spatulas, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, a cutting board, dish soap, and sponges. With these, you’ll have a nice arsenal fit for all kinds of meals. Depending on what you prefer to eat daily, you might also get a camping griddle or an instant pot. Instant pots are especially popular because they make cooking simple and can be used to make a wide range of foods—including everything from stews to rice to cakes.

First Aid Kit

When making a list of the basic needs of RV camping, it’s important to remember your first aid supplies. Out in the more isolated roads and camping grounds, a first aid kit can help you in dire situations. A basic first aid kit includes bandages, gauze, tape, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, pain killers, and tweezers. Since you will be outdoors, bringing sunscreen and bug repellant is usually necessary as well. Accidents and unexpected circumstances do occur, so it’s always best to be prepared.

Water and Bathroom Inventory

You should always take care of the water system and bathroom items in your RV. Bring a toilet brush, toiletries, and towels for cleanliness and personal care on your camping trip. It’s also pivotal that you avoid potential inconveniences or disasters with your RV’s plumbing. Make sure you’re familiar with the different RV holding tanks and their basic maintenance. Use RV toilet paper that can dissolve so that you don’t clog your pipes. Furthermore, RV toilet chemicals can be added to your blackwater tank to curtail smells and break up solid waste. You should also secure specialized hoses—one to replenish potable water and one to eliminate blackwater.

Cleaning Supplies

To keep your living space immaculate (or at least passably tidy), you’ll need some cleaning supplies. Multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectant spray, a mop, a sweeper, paper towels, soap, and trash bags are all useful for cleaning up messes and maintaining your RV’s interior as time passes. Whether it’s splashed oil around the kitchen or dirt tracked in from the outside, these supplies will allow you to fight the grime and stay comfortable.

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