What to Know About Driving Through Construction Zones

What to Know About Driving Through Construction Zones

Construction often picks up during the summer season, so drivers must be mindful when venturing out on the roads in the next couple of months. Whether you’re a new driver or somebody who doesn’t drive through these areas often, you must learn how to navigate work zones. Once you do so, you can mitigate unexpected accidents and expensive fines. Below, we break down what to know about driving through construction zones.

Flaggers Are Your Best Friends

Well, kind of—you may not know flaggers personally, but they really do have drivers’ best interests in mind. They direct cars to travel around the work area, and they may even guide you and other drivers through changing lanes safely. Therefore, stay alert and minimize any potential distractions—this way, you can look out for “Flagger Ahead” signs and watch for these workers. Additionally, remember to pay careful attention to their motions, as these won’t always align with normal traffic flow. Calls and texts from friends can wait.

You Should Keep Your Distance

Because work zones require vehicles to travel at slower speed limits, it’s going to take longer for cars to get to their desire destinations. As a result, cars often stack up and it becomes more difficult to predict when to step on the gas again. So, if you tailgate in a construction zone, you may increase your risk of hitting another car. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to follow cars as closely as you normally would. Obey the speed limit signs and leave enough space between you and other vehicles. You should be able to clearly see the brake lights of the car in front of you.

On the same hand, it’s always a good idea to distance yourself from construction equipment. While crews strive to contain construction debris as much as possible, this won’t always be the case. In an effort to even out the roads, dump trucks, excavators, and other machines may leave loose materials behind.

You’ll Need to Exercise Patience

We get it—you’re racing against time to arrive somewhere on time. And although it can be frustrating to drive at a crawl, know that construction crews are doing all they can to make roads safer for everybody. In fact, their role mainly entails alleviating unfavorable road conditions for drivers, such as cumbersome cracks, pesky potholes, and other serious pavement imperfections. To ensure that crew members can complete road construction projects quickly and correctly, the least we can do is slow down.

It isn’t always easy to determine exactly what you should know about driving through construction zones, especially if you’re a new driver or don’t encounter these areas frequently. Nevertheless, we hope this quick guide can help you travel more cautiously.


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