Cards For Inmates: Show them that they're always on your mind.

Cards For Inmates:  Show them that they're always on your mind.

Cards Show They’re Always On Your Mind

When a friend, family member, or other loved one is incarcerated, it can be difficult to preserve the same connection you had when you were together. Communication becomes limited, making each and every interaction something to be cherished. One of the simplest ways to keep in touch is by sending greeting cards for inmates to your loved one. However, with the many regulations in place regarding sending jail greeting cards to an inmate such as size, weight, and contents, it can prove challenging to have a conversation that seemed so simple before.

Guaranteed to Arrive

Let Culture Greetings take the frustration out of connecting with your loved ones that are serving time. With our greeting card service, you can rest assured that the prison cards you lovingly created will find their way to their destination without issue. While you can send any card in our catalogue, we know that our 4.25” x 6” postcards are guaranteed to pass through all inspections and mailing guidelines, including size, weight, packaging, contents, and postage, arriving in pristine condition and with the message you want to deliver. Let your loved one know you are counting down the days until their return without worrying that your message will be caught up in processing for weeks or thrown away for not meeting specifications. We will print and mail your perfectly sized and weighted card the very next business day. 

Create a Postcard for an image using your own photos

Something Just for Them

Whether you want to send a Christmas or birthday card for someone in jail, our online card mailing service can help you stay close with greeting cards for inmates that are guaranteed to arrive. Better yet, your prison cards can be personalized just for your loved one with our easy to use "create your own" system, available at no additional cost. Choose the create a card template upload your photo or design, and add your message to personalize your card.  You can add pictures of the family, newborn,  their favorite meal that will be waiting for them, or a moment that reminded you of their company. Once completed, our greeting card mailing service will print your card on the highest quality materials and ship it the next day. Your loved one may not be by your side right now, but with Culture Greetings, you can connect like they were.

Prison Directory

Need an address?  Use the links to the directories below:


*Review the correctional facility's mailing regulations to ensure successful delivery.


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