About Us

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Culture Greetings aspires to contribute inclusiveness, innovation and convenience to the social expression industry. It is our vision to connect people to those that matter in their lives with thoughtful imagery and messaging across all holidays, occasions and sentiments. We further aim to also make our platform a voice for change by engaging in social awareness and justice campaigns. Our commitment to social responsibility is carried out through philanthropy in our local community and our environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. We are committed to optimal customer service and responsiveness in all interactions with customers, our most valuable asset.


Culture Greetings is an Atlanta based tech startup that allows consumers to pick a culturally relevant physical greeting card and write a personal note using handwriting fonts. We will print and mail the cards directly to the customer's recipients through an innovative and automated integration with a state of the art commercial printing system. Our printing fulfillment is located in Clearwater, Florida.


The Culture Greetings (CG) solution is powered by a stand-alone web-to-print software application that uses a proprietary API module for automated print and fulfillment. To print the cards, we use a state of the art commercial printing fleet of Xerox ColorPress 1000i equipment in addition to other finishing and cutting equipment additions.  CG cards are printed on FSC certified recycled paper. For every tree that is consumed in the production of CG cards, another tree is planted. 


In addition to offering a solution for consumers of color, Culture Greetings' innovative and unique technology offering can also be used by small businesses and marketers for their automated direct printing needs. Through integration with a wide variety of third-party applications and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, businesses can master relationship marketing and customer engagement.