3 DIY Decor Projects for the Holiday Season

3 DIY Decor Projects for the Holiday Season

(BPT) - Are you looking for fun ways to spend time with loved ones this holiday season? Crafting DIY decorations is a perfect way to do so, providing an opportunity for you to get creative and make cheerful and festive pieces you'll cherish all season long.

Another perk of making delightful holiday creations is making memories — which is what the season is really about. So, fill your mugs with cider or hot cocoa and get ready for some holiday happiness with these three easy DIY decor projects the whole family will enjoy!

Project 1: PEEPS® Marshmallow Trees Centerpiece

Pro DIY tip: PEEPS® Marshmallow candies aren’t only a tasty treat, but they’re also an adorable addition to crafts and recipes! With seasonal marshmallow shapes such as Snowmen, Trees, Reindeer and Gingerbread Men, the opportunities to craft are endless. This fun and festive centerpiece will adorn your table and be enjoyed by all of your guests this holiday season.

Items needed:

  • 6x6” glass square vase
  • Foam insert
  • Faux or fresh greenery of your choice (evergreens, eucalyptus, etc.)
  • Pine cones and berries
  • Three 9ct packages of PEEPS® Marshmallow Trees


1. Stack PEEPS® Marshmallow Trees around the inside of the vase to fill up the sides.

2. Cut the foam insert so it fits nicely at the bottom of the vase.

3. Add your greenery into the foam and arrange to your taste.

4. Add pine cones and berries as accent pieces to complete your centerpiece.

Project 2: Creative Globe Ornaments

These colorful baubles can be customized exactly as you desire. Have fun being creative with your family and hanging them on the tree or on garland. These also make a great gift!

Items needed:

  • Clear plastic ornaments with a metal top found at any craft store
  • Paint, confetti, candy and other interesting extras for inside
  • Ribbon


1. Spread out newspaper or other covering to protect work surface

2. Add in creative mixtures in the top hole. For example, add paint and swirl around, add your favorite mixture of confetti or even sand and small shells from a recent trip.

3. Replace metal top with a dab of glue to adhere and add a bow with ribbon.

4. Use ribbon to hang ornament and enjoy!

Project 3: No-Sew Sock Snowman

This simple yet adorable doorstopper only requires a few items to bring holiday cheer to your home! This craft is a great way to bond with your kids over a festive, yet functional item that can live in the kids’ bedrooms or in a common space for everyone to enjoy. This doorstopper will help bring your beloved outdoor snowman, indoors!

Items needed:

  • 1 white sock
  • 1 colored sock for the hat
  • Rice
  • Rubber bands (or thread)
  • Colorful buttons
  • Ribbons
  • Hot glue gun – please use extreme caution when operating a hot glue gun
  • Markers or paint
  • Orange pom poms


  1. Start by filling your white sock with rice. You will need a hefty amount.
  2. Once you are happy with the amount (and size) of your sock snowman tie the top with the rubber band.
  3. Take another rubber band and place in the middle – more to the upper side – of the rice filled sock to form the head shape.
  4. Now glue the buttons to the bottom side by using a glue gun.
  5. Add a ribbon for the scarf.
  6. Cut the colored sock (the foot without the heel) and fold it to appear as a snow hat for the head of your snowman. You can leave it as it is or you can secure it with some glue.
  7. Use markers or paint with colors of your choice to draw eyes and a mouth on the face of the snowman.
  8. Glue a singular orange pom pom to the face of the snowman to represent a carrot nose.

The holidays are a time to deck the halls and spend quality time with friends and family. With these three projects, you can to do both at the same time! For more craft ideas for the whole family, visit www.peepsbrand.com/recipes-crafts or follow the PEEPS® brand on Pinterest.


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