3 Energy-Boosting Alternatives To Coffee

3 Energy-Boosting Alternatives To Coffee

If you’re trying to cut coffee out of your diet, finding a healthier alternative isn’t as tough as it might seem. Whether you want to cut down on your caffeine intake or cut it out of your diet entirely, there’s an alternative for you. This guide will introduce you to three energy-boosting alternatives to coffee worth trying out in the morning.


If you don’t mind ditching a warm cup of coffee for an ice-cold beverage, then throw together an energy-boosting smoothie. Blending some tasty fruits and vegetables is a great way to provide your body with a sufficient supply of energy first thing in the morning. Consider using ingredients like spinach, banana, mango, and blueberries—though the variety of healthy ingredients you can mix and match is immense.


If you miss the warm feeling of a cup of coffee in your hand and the strong smell that it exudes, then a cup of tea will be your new best friend. There are many types of energy-boosting tea available on the market, with each one offering a unique experience in terms of aroma and flavor. For example, yerba mate is an earthy tea that you can combine with spices or fruit to create a delightful flavor experience.

Aside from the flavor and equally delightful scent, a cup of yerba mate delivers an amount of caffeine that is nearly on par with coffee. It also doesn’t hurt that yerba mate and many other teas contain antioxidants that can help you live a healthier lifestyle with each cup.

Golden Milk

This intriguing beverage is completely caffeine-free, but it will still provide you with the boost of energy you need to stay awake and alert throughout the day. In fact, not only does golden milk boost your energy, but it also has a reputation for carrying anti-inflammatory properties. Golden milk is a delicious mixture of non-dairy milk and a variety of spices, such as cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and turmeric. For an extra touch of sweetness, you can also add ingredients like honey or vanilla to your golden milk.

Introducing one of these three energy-boosting alternatives to coffee into your diet can help curb your coffee cravings. Remember, cutting coffee out of your diet doesn’t mean you have to lose the energy boost it provides you in the morning. Thanks to these healthy alternatives, quitting coffee is both easy and beneficial.

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