Why Holiday Nostalgia is Good for You

Why Holiday Nostalgia is Good for You

As the year continues and the final months are upon us, we all start to anticipate the holidays. While the holidays are exciting times to plan for, part of the reason we love them so much is because of all the memories they stir up as well. Being nostalgic for days and holidays past is actually a good thing that we as humans do. We’ll tell you all about why holiday nostalgia is good for you to help get you into the right seasonal spirit.

It Has a Calming Effect

As much as we may love them, holidays are also stressful times for many people. Nostalgia for the good old days can help to remind you why you’re going through all the trouble to make this holiday special. It helps to reduce feelings of stress as you remember the traditions and memories you love, rather than focus on what has changed over the last year.

It Filters Out Negative Emotions

One of the best reasons why nostalgia is good for you is because it helps remove negative emotions from your memories. It can be hard to enjoy some memories if they come with charged emotions such as disappointment or fear. Nostalgia is a powerful force that can make us remember the good times while filtering out the less wonderful things that may have made it less great in the moment.

It Helps Through Self-Continuity

No one stays the same forever. The more we change, the harder it can be to see who we really are at our core. When you’re a child this is less of a problem, but as you grow you can become distant from who you once thought you were. Self-continuity refers to the idea that your beliefs about yourself should reflect your actions. Nostalgic feelings help reconnect us with our past selves, focus on what’s the same about us, and accept changes for the natural occurrence that they are.

It Increases Optimism

Nostalgia can have a profound effect on your mind. Even something as simple as hearing an old song or eating an old, beloved sweet can trigger optimistic feelings in your brain. This optimism also stems from self-continuity and can help you stay positive even as the difficulties of the holiday season start to gather.

Don’t worry about getting lost in the past. The holiday season is the perfect time to relive all of your best memories. Allow yourself that feeling of nostalgia and don’t feel ashamed. We all have things from our past we wish could happen again, after all.

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