Your Personal Independence Should Bring You Joy

Your Personal Independence Should Bring You Joy

While the country is focused on July 4th as a celebration of this nation’s independence, take this time to affirm the importance of your own independent nature and how it positively impacts your life.  

Read, repeat and reflect on the affirmation below: 

My independence brings me pride and joy. 

Regardless of where my life’s journey takes me, I call forth my independent nature to get me through. Because I am able to face the world on my own terms, I am a more resilient human being. 

Being independent means I navigate through most of life’s trials and tribulations making decisions as I see necessary. Although I discuss issues with my partner, ultimately, I am responsible for my life. 

My capacity for independence is strong. I recognize that I can do almost anything on my own and this quality brings me great pride. 

Determining when I need another person’s advice, help, or guidance is a unique aspect of independence. So, even though I am proud to be an individual and do things as I wish, I realize that knowing when to ask for help is a smart thing to do. 

My independent thinking allows me to adjust to whatever a situation requires. 

I trust myself to make the wise choices that come with experience. I am pleased that I have a decent amount of accumulated knowledge, which stokes the fires of my independence. Thinking for myself is my strength. 

Today, I have confidence in my independent spirit. I know I can do whatever is necessary to make my life better. I feel great pride in my independence. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I feel about the level of independence I have attained?
  2. Who do I know who is an exceptional model of an independent person?
  3. If I would like to increase my feelings of independence, what can I do?

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