5 Tips to Get Back on Track After a Breakup

5 Tips to Get Back on Track After a Breakup

One of the toughest parts about life is loving—and then losing that love. Whatever form that loss comes in, it’s quite difficult to work through the pain and come out on the other side as a stronger, more courageous person. Breakups, for example, are one of those forms of lost love. Harder yet, sometimes this love lost can cause pain—emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Love lost affects various facets of our lives and can make returning to “normalcy” seem impossible.

But, here’s some lovely news: coming back from a breakup is not only possible—it’s often life-altering in the most exquisite ways. Suddenly, we figure out that our needs are valid and it’s not bad to cut off those who ignore them from our lives. We realize that our bodies and minds are temples that one should love, hold, and cherish sweetly.

If you want to get closer to this mindset, take a look at a few of our favorite tips to get back on track after a breakup. Hopefully, these tips help you recognize how capable you are of love and to love even after the toughest loss.

Peruse New Things

Couples get into routines, so when people break up, they tend to avoid those routines at all costs. Where some areas of your routine should change (especially unhealthy areas), most of your routine can stay the same. However, there are some things that you should add to your routine. Anything from new activities, hobbies, foods, routes to work—all of these new “things” can shine a light on all that you are capable of and can pique your interest toward something magical. Not to mention, it will steer you away from repetitive thoughts and memories from the breakup.

Surround Yourself with Love and Positivity

Especially after bad breakups, it’s incredibly important to surround yourself with as much love and positivity as possible. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends, spending a long weekend at home with family, or cuddling up in your apartment with your dog, these moments of safety will help you deal with the difficulties of moving forward.

Turn Anger on Its Head

The tip above will also help you with the anger that tends to go hand-in-hand with breakups. Anger is one of the most complicated emotions to process and release—especially when involved with all the other feelings that come along with a relationship. Do your best to try out some simple ways to turn your anger into positive energy. Whether it’s creating something or meditating, the sooner you can flip anger on its head and focus on warmer feelings, the better it will be for yourself.

Don’t Seek Refuge in Unhealthy Habits

This tip is simple and doesn’t require much explanation. When you turn to unhealthy habits, your perception of the breakup and your process of moving forward won’t be healthy. If you want to end in a good mental space after a breakup, then you need to get rid of unhealthy habits—drinking, drugs, and smoking are not good ways to move on.

Set and Accomplish Personal Goals (Big or Small)

Lastly, if you really want to come out stronger from your breakup, then you need to do your best to set and accomplish personal goals. Whether it’s as small as making your bed in the morning to saving up for that solo backpacking trip, accomplishing goals will help you realize just how powerful you are—even if you’re not with somebody else.

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