Creative Ways To Say Thank You

Creative Ways To Say Thank You

It's easy enough to stammer out those eight all-important letters, but sometimes, saying them isn't enough to convey the gravity of your gratitude. If there's someone you want to thank—for helping you with an exhausting chore, saving you from imminent doom, just being a generally awesome person, or otherwise—use one of these creative ways to say thank you. They’ll give your heartfelt message plenty of personality.

Give an Award

Do you know someone who's so out-of-this-world incredible that they honestly deserve an award for it? A custom-made plaque is a perfect way to convey to the object of your appreciation, "Hey, you're the best!"

You might already know what you want to write on the plaque, or maybe you could use some help. But even if your gratitude has no end, try to keep your thank you confined to the word limit. You’re supposed to jot down a short, sweet, and to-the-point message, not an entire book. You can always write that novel for them separately!

Choose an Out-of-the-Box Card

Everyone knows that giving a card is a customary way to say thanks, but those cheap, flimsy 99¢ ones collecting dust at the general store can feel like a disservice to someone you love and appreciate with your whole heart.

That's why one of the easiest but most creative ways to say thank you is to go all-out on an incredible, high-quality card that you put a lot of careful thought into selecting.

Make Use of the Kitchen

Who doesn't love indulging in a delicious homemade snack? If you know how to bake competently, why not make the person deserving thanks a plate of their favorite treat? Whether it's a plate of gooey chocolate chip cookies, vegan red velvet cupcakes, or savory extra-cheesy cheese crackers, they're guaranteed to gobble up your gratitude mirthfully.


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