How To Show Gratitude To Your Coworkers

How To Show Gratitude To Your Coworkers

Expressing your appreciation for coworkers during stressful times in the workplace keeps communication healthy and mindsets positive. Creating a lively work environment is assisted by giving your peers the recognition they need to keep working efficiently. Know how to show gratitude to your coworkers, and you’ll become a bright beam of sunshine in the office that others will admire, respect, and want to become friends with.

Verbal or Written Encouragement

The easiest way to show thanks to someone is by saying it out loud or—during these work-from-home months—through text on your workplace’s chat platform. Tell your coworkers exactly what they did that impressed or helped you and how much it mattered to you. Honesty and vulnerability can carry you a long way in a workplace friendship. You don’t need to tell your coworkers everything that’s going on in your life but revealing little pieces at a time will help build trust.

If what your coworkers did would impress your boss or their boss, send a good word to their supervisors. There might not be any result from it on the surface but making your coworker’s superiors aware will strengthen their respect for your coworker.


Sometimes, the best way into someone’s heart is through presents. If your coworkers appreciate gifts, consider spending a little money on them to show your gratefulness. You don’t need to buy them something that perfectly matches their interests or something that costs a lot of money. The gift is only to show that you are thinking of them and are grateful. Try to appeal to vague interests, like relaxing candles for after work or office accessories for during work. When you’re unsure, you can always buy a gift certificate to put inside a motivational card.

Bring Your Coworkers Food

Food is often a simple and safe way to express gratitude to coworkers. You can offer to pay for their lunch in the cafeteria or buy food from their favorite restaurant. Providing a hard-working coworker with something to eat as your treat will surely make them happy. It’s okay to ask what they want for lunch beforehand; you don’t need to surprise them. You may not know them or their preferences well enough to surprise them, making a surprise lunch a bit too risky.

Another consumable method for how to show gratitude to your coworkers is by getting them a specialty coffee from a coffee shop. Coffee or tea from the break room may keep them satisfied, but a specialty coffee can provide the sweet or caffeinated treat they need to power through the week.


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