The Importance of Presentation When Gift-Giving

The Importance of Presentation When Gift-Giving

There are many ways to incorporate our creativity when giving thanks and appreciation. The tradition of giving gifts is a tried and true staple of these values. While it has become a common practice, there is an importance of presentation when gift-giving that needs to be understood as a quintessential piece of the gift and thought itself.


If there is a personal transaction between two parties, where one party expects nothing in return, then something special is taking place. A large part of the appeal of gift-giving is that you’re also giving someone a memory—of the gift, but also of kindness.

The Message

Messages are often included with gifts. If the gift itself did not meet or exceed your expectations, you could be sure that the letter that came along with it will. The extra touch of personal sentiment means you’ve gone the extra mile to let the other party know you truly care.


Gift-giving is usually easy when you’re giving someone something out of kindness and thoughtfulness. However, if the gift is aimed more at that person’s interests and what you think they may like, then you could potentially risk getting the wrong thing.

This is where the uniqueness of the gift comes into play. One thing everyone fears is gifting the same gift someone else is already giving. Another is ending up with a gift unrelated to anything the recipient is interested in. So, there is a fine line to tread.

Dress for the Occasion

How we decorate our gift says a lot about the level of importance that went into the gift itself. Some people hold value in the decoration alone. Imagine what it would be like to be handed a gift without the wrapping and how not special that would feel—things would definitely become awkward. Make sure your gift is beautifully wrapped.


How do you put a value on a gift that has personal value to the gift-giver? Sometimes the simple things make the best gifts. For instance, gifting something that’s handmade is something of a rarity in this age but still holds a lot of weight.

Maybe your wrapping and ribbon skills are lacking, but if you are good with your hands, then the gift can speak for itself. Some of the best gifts are those that catch us by surprise and awe us day in and out.

The beautiful wrapping and packaging are something that people look forward to just as much as, if not more, than the gift itself. If we understand that the importance of presentation when gift-giving as individual and unique as anything else, then we understand what it means to give and receive.

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