Tips for Selecting a Wedding Venue You’ll Love

Tips for Selecting a Wedding Venue You’ll Love

If you’re just starting to plan your wedding, you’re probably already overwhelmed at the prospects. For most people, their wedding is the biggest event they will ever plan, and it can be extremely intimidating. One of the first decisions is also one of the most difficult: where will you have the wedding? The venue informs so many other decisions that you can’t really skip over it. By using these tips for selecting a wedding venue you’ll love, you can start to feel more comfortable in your choice.

Figure Out Your Budget First

It may not be the most fun thing to figure out about your wedding, but practicality is still important. You can’t choose the perfect wedding venue if you don’t even know how much money you can actually spend on it. Deciding on a budget beforehand will also help narrow down a lot of options. Unless you happen to have an unlimited budget, the budget you do create will help inform you about which options are feasible and which ones you need to pass on.

Think of Your Wedding’s Overall Vibe

A useful tip for selecting a wedding venue you’ll love is to consider what you want the vibe of your wedding to be. An extremely classy, black-tie affair won’t make a lot of sense if your venue is out in the country somewhere. Even before you have decorations, food, or entertainment planned, you certainly have some idea about the vibe you want to go for. Use that knowledge to further narrow down your options.

Consider the Guest List

While a wedding should certainly be for the benefit of the people getting married, you can’t deny the fact that you’ll have to ask a lot of different people to dedicate one of their days to you. Because of this, you should keep your guest list in mind when deciding on a venue. Destination weddings are wonderful affairs, but not as much if no one can come to it because they can’t afford the trip.

Find a Photogenic Place

Whether it’s a venue in a wide open field or a venue in the heart of NYC, you should consider the kinds of memories you want to make when you choose a place. Photographs of the wedding are how you can keep the magic and the emotions of the day alive for many years into the future. You can do a lot worse than choosing a place to get married based on how photogenic the area is.


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