Why Fathers Matter

Why Fathers Matter

For some strange reason, it’s often easier (and honestly, more common) to communicate our love, appreciation, and gratitude to our mothers. It might be because they’re easier to talk to, it might be because they’re generally more emotionally open, it might be because of simple maternal nature.  Whatever it is, it’s wonderful, but it’s also a great reminder to consider the role that our fathers play, even if it’s not always as easy to tell them.

They support us, our decisions, and our family.

On multiple levels, a father is often one of the biggest supporters in his children’s lives.  It might be school, it might be sports, it might be with relationships or careers, but a father provides verbal support and emotional support, and encourages us to keep going on and trying to become the best versions of ourselves.

They bring us up, and they give us honesty.

As well as giving us support, a father gives us honesty.  They have the hard conversations when the hard conversations need to be had.  They are honest with us when we need to hear it, even if it’s not necessarily what we want to hear.  A father can often be counted on for telling us the cold, hard truths that might be difficult to swallow, but ultimately help us move forward and grow in life.

They remain strong when no one else can.  

Fathers are often the ones who must remain stoic, who must keep it together during times of difficulty, in order to allow his family a moment to break down.  They know the role of remaining strong for us, and the impact it has on a family’s ability to move forward. 

They sacrifice.

Whether its time, money, emotions, dreams, freedoms, health, or anything else, our fathers sacrifice whatever they need to for their children, for their family. It honestly begs the question: what won’t they sacrifice for the good of their family?

They see us at our best, they see us at our worst, and they love us regardless.

A father watches and supports us during the best and happiest moments of our lives, like graduations and weddings, and they share in our excitement and successes as though it were their own.  They also see us at our lowest, from breakups and failures and struggles, through things we’re embarrassed about or hate talking about, and even through this, they know in and believe we will get through it, that we’re capable of amazing things and that it is only temporary.

Our fathers matter, not because of what they do or who they are or how much money they make, but because of the role they play in our lives, the impact they have on our journey, and their dedication and determination to help us get to where we’re destined to be in life. This Father’s Day, take advantage to remind yourself and remind your father of just how much they’ve helped you get to where you are today.


Tell your father or any man in your life that he matters – send him a card.

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