Why We Need to Keep in Touch with BFFs

Why We Need to Keep in Touch with BFFs

We took so many things for granted when we were kids, like going to school and seeing our buddies every day. Even in college, some of the things most people miss was how easy it was to see your friends – you studied together, dined together, lived together, and even got friendship tattoos together. Once upon a time, things were all so easy. Then, real-life happened. So, why is it vital to keep in touch with your old best friends?

Friends Keep You Laughing

The adage is laughter is the best medicine. And yes, it is true. A study on humor proved that it could trigger creativity, strengthen the immune system, and reduce physical pain. You and your friends make one another laugh so hard it hurts to breathe since you probably have treasure troves of inside jokes. As such, you must keep them around.

Friends Guide Against Bullies

When you can’t defend yourself, your friends will always have your back, which is one of the reasons to have them. According to a 2014 published study in Development Psychology, children develop friendships with those who have the same techniques of defending against bullying and even grow more alike. We have people around us who will protect us as we will protect ourselves the same way.

Everything is (Actually) Better with Hugs

A study has revealed that physical touch is incredibly critical to healthy development for babies and other organisms. Doctors help with bonding by touting skin-to-skin contact between the baby and mother right after birth. Therefore, when your friends hug you, it can have a health advantage for you. Regular hugging can help release oxytocin, your brain’s happy hormone, which can positively affect you for the long-term. This can even turn a pessimist into an optimist.

Friends Provide Support and Comfort

It is critical for your wellbeing when you have a healthy support system whether to sit at your bedside when you’re sick or cheer you on with DIY posters when you’re competing in a marathon. In a 2014 survey of 146 studies, participants with stronger social relationships have a 50 percent likelihood of survival over those with weak ones. Thus, you need to maintain friendships since your life may depend on it regardless of how busy you could be.

Friends Give You Perspective

Since your friends can provide a third-party perspective and care about you, they often give the best advice on a problem so you can see things. You could be having some gut-wrenching conversations that helped you excavate why your relationship is a toxic one since your friend had a gut feeling your ex was no good. As a 2010 study puts it, happiness is connected to having a more in-depth, substantive conversation instead of small talk. So, call your friends and dig deep.

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