You Send Me: Gift Ideas for Your Long-Distance Love

You Send Me: Gift Ideas for Your Long-Distance Love

Work, family obligations, a long commute—sometimes, it feels like the world is conspiring to keep us apart when we’re in love. Send a special delivery to remind them that you’ll wait as long as it takes. Use these gift ideas for your long-distance love to bridge the miles.

Customized Objects

You name it—you can customize it. Order colorful socks decorated with a photo of your face to keep their tootsies warm at night. Personalize a pillowcase with a picture of the two of you. Send them a drawing of a tree with your initials carved into it, or memorialize their nickname on a mug. Any photo website will feature easy tools for you to make a custom calendar. Then they can count down the days until you see each other again.

Something Yummy

You might not be able to cook together, but you can give them a taste of what they’re missing. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to send a box of chocolates, especially if it’s a gourmet selection of their favorites. If they’re far from home, they might be missing a local delicacy. You can even have a pizza delivered long-distance if the restaurant will pack it in dry ice. Be thoughtful about what they’d really love—coffee, wine, fruit, beef jerky—and it will mean even more. You can “share” the meal via Zoom.

Good Vibrations

Now we have the technology to let our partners know exactly when we’re thinking of them. You can find matching items like bracelets to connect you; touch yours, and the other person’s bracelet will light up or vibrate. Through Wi-Fi or an app, they work anywhere in the world. As the idea catches on, companies have begun making lamps and other novelties that do the same thing.

The Written Word

Of course, we may be biased, but we think many of the best gift ideas for your long-distance love should involve the written word. Your significant other deserves more than some daily emojis. When’s the last time you took a moment to buy a card and jot down some sentimental thoughts? If it’s difficult for you to express yourself in writing, borrow a poem or a song lyric. Some companies even make fill-in-the-blank books with prompts about what you really love about your partner. It doesn’t have to be perfect—just as long as it’s straight from the heart. And of course, we're here whenever you want to mail a greeting card.  

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