Everyone Chip In! Group Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Everyone Chip In! Group Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Ah, you’ve received an adorable invitation from the happy parents-to-be, who are busily readying their home to welcome Junior in a few months. What do they need? Everything. Whether you’ll be attending an in-person event or celebrating on Zoom, you want their new family to have the best. Combine efforts with friends, family, or co-workers for a bigger impact. See how many people you can get to chip in on these great group gift ideas for a baby shower.

Big-Ticket Registry Items

The baby registry always has a few ridiculously expensive pieces of equipment on it—and unfortunately, they’re probably the things the parents most need. The car seat and stroller set is something they’ll be using every day, but without help, they might not be able to afford the one they want. There’s a trove of gift ideas here that you know they really want, so you’re sure to get a teary thanks. You could even treat them with something above and beyond what’s on the registry. Items like baby monitors have bells and whistles now, such as high-quality video, sleep tracking, breathing motion monitoring, and more.

Unique Theme Baskets

You can always buy a premade basket with a ton of necessities that will go a long way toward stocking the nursery. But a unique theme can be a more personal group gift idea for a baby shower that everyone can contribute to with an item, not money. Have each person pick out baby clothes for a different age (3 months, 6, 9, 12, or even 18 months). Time with a newborn goes so fast that parents might not realize they’ve outgrown their clothes until the closet is empty. You could ask everyone to contribute a copy of their favorite childhood book with an inscribed wish for the baby. Or treat the mother to a postpartum recovery basket: a nursing poncho, roomy leisurewear, wireless headphones, an eye mask, and a bottle of wine for when breastfeeding ends.

Generous Gift Certificates

You can be practical, indulgent, creative—but if it’s something you know they’ll use, you can’t go wrong. Have everyone sign a beautiful congratulations card and add a gift certificate with a couple of zeros at the end. If it’s for a big-box store, they’ll grab it each time the diaper pail fills up. If it’s for food delivery, it’ll get them through those long nights. You could give toward a certificate for banking the baby’s umbilical cord blood or even donate a weekend at a hotel for a  postpartum babymoon. Then again, they might be most grateful for credit toward a cleaning service.

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