How To Make Your First House Feel Like a Home

How To Make Your First House Feel Like a Home

After you’ve been renting a property, living with your parents, or living with roommates for so long, buying your first house might feel more like a dream than a reality. While it may not seem like a difficult concept to grasp before moving in, fully adjusting to homeownership challenges many. By knowing how to make your first house feel like a home before you move in, you’ll quickly accustom yourself to the warm, fuzzy feeling of your cozy abode.

Display Mementos Proudly

Keeping your old memories out where you can see them will help personalize your home and give you a reason to smile whenever you walk by. Display your mementos in an area of the house—or several areas of the house—that you frequent every day.

Methods that you use to show off your favorite keepsakes may include:

  • Photo accent walls
  • Bookshelves or floating shelves
  • Wall-hanging digital picture frame
  • Small tables, console tables, and end tables
  • Fireplace mantel

If you don’t feel like hanging things up on the walls, use furniture to display your memories. Don’t put off decorating with personal belongings for too long—your home will feel hollow without the photographs that summarize your life.

Start Decorating as Soon as Possible

When you want to skip past the awkward phase of house ownership where you’re still uncomfortable calling it your home, there’s no better step to take than to fill the house with your own decorations and furnishings. Make your mark on the property by keeping each room replete with décor that adds purpose to the design. Avoid making severe interior design mistakes, but pick out adornments that reflect your beautiful personality.

Find new ways to decorate your home’s exterior, and you’ll feel welcome before you even walk through the door. Use personalized signs, patio furniture, or seasonal décor for a sweet touch of coziness in your outdoor space.

Take Care of Plants or an Animal

Sometimes, the best way to learn how to make your first house feel like a home is to make it something else’s home. Depending on how much time and energy you have to take care of something, fill the house with live plants that require daily care or adopt a pet that needs extra patience.

As you provide your plants or pet with love, the energy in your home will change—after all, your home isn’t only your own shelter now. Whatever you choose to take care of will take your focus away from not feeling at home in your own house, and you’ll acclimate to your surroundings with ease.

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