Getting Your Car Ready for the Beach

Getting Your Car Ready for the Beach

With spring’s sunshine and fun right around the corner and the snow melting away, families everywhere will want to take advantage of the newfound warmth. If you have a beach trip in the works, make sure your car can make it through the elements and newfound temperatures. Fortunately, getting your car ready for the beach doesn’t have to be a hassle; these tips can ensure you’ll make it through the trip without any trouble.


Keep the A/C Cool

The last thing you want on a hot summer day is to drive anywhere in sweltering conditions with malfunctioning air conditioning. To avoid this, make sure your air filter is free of dust, pollen, or any other particles that might happen to make their way through. Replacing the filter is an easy process with a minimal cost and can help ensure that the air spreads everywhere it needs to in the cabin. If the air itself isn’t at the temperature you want, you can always get it checked to see if it needs repairing.


Check Your Tires

You always want to make sure your tires are well-inflated, but if you’re getting your car ready for the beach, it’s essential to have them in their top condition. The hotter climate and resulting pressure changes can cause your tires to lose air and possibly lead to a blowout depending on the road conditions and how much you packed. In some cases, you might also park your car on the sand, which could be a challenge to get out of afterward. Check if your tire pressure is at a safe level on a regular basis and fill it up as needed. If you need to get new replacement tires, the best brand-name tire options are available at several easy pricing plans.


Beat the Sun & Heat

Too much sun exposure can cause your car’s interior color to fade and damage the aesthetic. You can beat this by purchasing a sunshade and unfolding it whenever you’re parked in the sun. It also helps to get your car washed on a regular basis, as a hot wax layer can keep the paint job from peeling. The wash will also help remove any salt and grime that built up over winter.


Don’t Get Sand Everywhere

After a long day at the beach, it’s time to pack up your stuff and head home. It’s still likely, though, that you and your family will have a coat of sand around your legs and feet, which can create a whole mess of problems. Not only can sand be uncomfortable to sit in, but it’s also a nightmare to clean up afterward and can damage the upholstery. In order to avoid this, your best bet is to rinse yourselves off using the showers at the beach. Bring a bucket you can fill up with water in case the showers aren’t an option. If all else fails and sand ends up in your car anyway, a small portable vacuum should pick up most of it.

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