Meaningful Parenting Goals for the Upcoming Year

Meaningful Parenting Goals for the Upcoming Year

As 2022 draws ever closer, people everywhere are setting up their goals for the new year. Many people focus on ways they can excel professionally or better themselves personally. If you’re a parent, though, you might instead reflect on how your family has changed this year and look for ways you can continue to grow and learn together. Parenting goals can include anything from how you have fun together to ways you can set your kids up for success in their futures. Make the most of 2022 with these meaningful parenting goals for the upcoming year.

Put Family Time in the Routine

It’s always a good idea to spend quality time with your family. This doesn’t have to mean big vacations or complicated plans (although those are always welcome). Sometimes, family time is as simple as eating dinner around the table together or enjoying a couple of movie or game nights throughout the month.

Remember to include the kids in this family planning. If you decide what to do every time you hang out together, you might end up with reluctant kids who dread family time. Instead, give everyone a chance to pick the activity. Rotate through everyone’s favorite movie. Take the family skating or bowling if that’s what the kids enjoy. Try out your kid’s favorite video game just to see what the buzz is about. When the whole family supports each other’s interests, it’s a lot easier—and a lot more fun—to spend quality time together.

Encourage Independence

Parents—especially newer parents—want to be around for everything. It’s natural to want to help, supervise, and know what’s going on with your kid. But independence is the key to growing and learning. If you don’t cultivate independence in your children, you can’t set them up for success once they’re out of the house.

Every age calls for different types of independence. Support older kids while encouraging them to discover who they are by being open and accepting without hovering. Let younger kids learn how to do something themselves by giving them a chance to explore and attempt new things on their own before you step in. You can even encourage more independence in your baby or toddler by letting them lead the way when learning new skills. Baby-led weaning is a great example of how to safely let your little one lead the way as they develop new skills.

Spend More Time Away From Screens

Technology lets us stay in touch with loved ones, learn new things, and stay up to date with news and entertainment. Unfortunately, too much screen time is detrimental to anyone’s health. Balancing necessary technology with a healthy amount of screen time is one of the most meaningful parenting goals for the upcoming year. The trick is to find worthwhile alternatives to spending time on your phone or laptop.

Lead by example. Start reading more and encouraging the rest of the family to follow suit. Leave your phone in the other room during game nights. Suggest more outdoor activities for family time. Instead of strictly limiting screen time and taking away devices when you’ve hit that limit, create fun and healthy opportunities to get you away from your screens together.

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