Start Accepting Others For Who They Are

Start Accepting Others For Who They Are

How many times in a day do you catch yourself thinking critical thoughts about your partner, neighbor, or co-worker? It seems to be an automatic response to wonder why others think, react, or behave differently than we would in a given situation. Usually, we think our way of doing things is best. 

You’re entitled to have your own opinions about how to go about something, but there’s a way to live a more peaceful, fulfilling existence. It’s all about accepting others for who they are. When you accept others regardless of what they do or say, you’re silently supporting them as human beings. After all, isn’t care, support, and acceptance all we really want from others? 

Begin practicing acceptance of others by applying these strategies: 

  1. Stay quiet. Whenever you see someone behaving in ways that you disapprove of, the best response is to be silent. Voicing your disapproval to others rarely helps any situation. Also, each of us has the right to do what we believe is best.
  2. Acknowledge that everyone isn’t the same. It’s unrealistic to expect others to think and understand something exactly in same way that you do. Each of us comes with our own history, education, and background influences.
  3. Celebrate diversity. Differences among us are largely what make life so interesting. Ponder all the things you’ve learned from observing or listening to others who have had experiences you haven’t. Uniqueness is awesome!
  4. Open your mind. On certain topics, others may have better ideas than yours. Be able to accept that. Each person brings their own creative flair to a situation.
  5. Make eye contact and smile. It’s very simple to present a pleasant expression on your face. Others feel welcome and accepted when they’re greeted with bright eyes and a grin.
  6. Avoid criticism, even when asked directly. Give brief, helpful feedback when asked, but choose your words carefully. Nobody likes to be overly criticized.
  • If someone says, “What do you think of this story I wrote,” and the story wasn’t your cup of tea, you could say something like, “It looks like you worked really hard on it,” or “It’s quite creative.” Such remarks show your acceptance of their work, regardless of your personal opinion of it.
  1. Be respectful. Even if you’re around someone you dislike for some valid reason, it’s wise to respect them for the human being they are. Showing respect for everyone illustrates that you’re a kind and accepting individual.
  2. Consider how you might feel if you were having a rough time. When we do something we’re unsure about or not particularly proud of, it’s challenging just to get through the situation. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. 
  • Imagine you were going through a difficult time. How would you want others to respond to you? What would you need at that moment?
  1. Recognize how positive you feel about yourself when you show acceptance toward others. The more you focus on accepting others, the better you feel about yourself. Having a sense of unconditional acceptance toward others makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Practicing acceptance brings you many riches. Others will feel more comfortable around you and regard you as a true example of a loving person. Plus, showing acceptance could bring you more abundance, such as increased business contacts or more friends. Your life will be unfettered with petty situations when you demonstrate an accepting attitude toward others.

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