What To Do With Your Spring Break Pictures

What To Do With Your Spring Break Pictures

Do you have a million spring break pictures you don't know what to do with? Spring break is a joyous occasion. It's time with family, vacations with children or beach fun for high school and college students. You can spread that joy around by putting the best of your pictures on one of our African American greeting cards. Our Create a Card collection has great templates to let you upload your photo to create a card that will bring a smile to your loved ones and friends.

Automatically Send Out Cards from Our Online Platform

Are you ready to mail your newly created greeting cards? Our fully automated system allows you to send out cards in the mail anytime you choose to any recipient you desire. Just log on to our website to start the process. Within a matter of seconds, your Spring Break pics will be snappy new greeting cards.

Our convenient online platform not only lets you create your cards to your personal standards but we also have pre-designed cards across all holidays and occasions. These are fully real, physical cards that will be sent out in the mail to your family and friends.

The benefits of using this special service are too many to mention here. We are the only African American-themed greeting card service that lets you really create cards that can be mailed automatically. 

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